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             Biography of Artist Xu Zhou

                     (This was published on International Famous Magazine March Issue)


       Zhou Xu, (pronounced Joe Shoe) graduated from the Xi'an College of Arts in China with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is the Art Auction Specialist of UNICEF Canada; the Member of Society, the Chief of Canada International Vision Art Center, Honorary Chairman of Canadian Artist Association, Visiting Professor at Ontario University of Art and Design , as well as academic committee of China Dictionary, Consultant of National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese Calligraphers & Painters Association, Vice Chairman of Chinese painting and calligraphy; Visiting Professor and Expert Faculty of many Universities in North America and Asia. In 2001, Zhou Xu’s art gallery was established in Macau. Zhou Xu won many of the art awards internationally and he is one of the most popular artists in Asia and North America. 


       Zhou Xu was commissioned by the government of China to create artworks based on different subjects. Currently,  Zhou Xu is working on The Endless Footstep - The Life of Xi Zhongxun  (Xi Zhongxun is the father of Xi Jinping, the current General Secretary of the Communist Party and President of China), this project was initiated by The Central Literature Press. Also, large paintings of Martyr Jiang Shangqing (father of the past Chairman of China, Jiang Zemin) (initiated by The Central Literature Press and published by The Contemporary China Press); The book called Zhou Xu, the Top Twenty Artists of Chinese Painting, was published by Artist Magazine and Hainan Press; large paintings of The Life of Chen Yun (initiated by The Central Literature Press); Zhou Xu Paintings Collection, which was published by He Bei Media Press and He Bei Art Press; Zhou Xu Paintings Collection, published by Municipal Council of Macau; Zhou Xu Paintings Collection (Zhong Kui Edition), published by China City Press; Other Press; Other commissioned artworks that Zhou Xu did in the past include, Hundreds Paintings of Chinese Martial Arts; Hundreds Paintings of Chinese Historical Figures; Hundreds Portraits of Zhong Kui, with inscriptions from hundreds of political leaders; Large Painting of Martyr Xu Xiangqian; Yu Youren Overlooking Mainland China; Martyr Ye Jianying, etc


      Since 1996, Zhou Xu has been working on art related to the history of China in Beijing. He has held the exhibitions in Scotland, Japan, Singapore, the U.S, Canada, Philippines, Portugal, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He has exhibited in mainland China 10 times.


      The artist, Zhou Xu, is very famous in the group of contemporary Chinese artists in China. He painted a few oil paintings for the 2008 Olympic Games. The Chinese government also commission him for doing historically related artworks, portraits of governors officials and celebrities. 


     The theme of Zhou's artwork is based on important Chinese historical events and people. The artist's main objective is to illustrate Women and Mother Lover. His other artworks consist of dances in palaces, landscapes, portraits, and spirit of love. Zhou was named Chinese Contemporary Artist for the Royal Palace. His artwork has been collected by many art galleries and museums and is sold internationally. Zhou has contributed and donated to the charity of Tibet and poor areas in China. He is one of the most talented contemporary artists in China.


        In 2006, Zhou Xu's art exhibition was held in North York Central Library during the whole month of December 2006. There are eighteen pieces of his recent artwork in this exhibition. They consist of modern abstract painting using the acrylic medium. The North York Central Library has added to its collection Zhou Xu's art album. This album is written in Chinese and Portuguese. Also, the special album which was published by The Chinese Artists Magazine has been placed in this library. In       During his visit to Canada, various Canadian newspaper such as Canada's Sing Tao, and Mingpao, as well as

December 7th and 8th, 2006, Canada's newspapers Sing Tao, Mingpao, World Journal, Today Daily News and others reported Zhou's exhibition in Canada(*These articles included photographs of paintings.).the overseas newspaper such as The Entertainment newspaper in Macau and Taiwan reported his accomplishment in Canada.


       In the year of 2007, Zhou was invited by "The Streets Ville Art Gallery" and had a small group of Asian inspiration artwork show, where it was held at the city of Mississauga. In 2009, Zhou was invited by Ontario local newspaper for an interviewing of his art life in Canada and the article of Zhou was published on "The Ontario Local Newspaper" and attracted lots of responses from the society. As an honor, Zhou was invited by the "Craig Scott Art Gallery" for having the Art exhibition at Business Achievement Awards for (CAMSC) "Canada Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council". 


      In 2008, winter, Xu Zhou was invited by The Wellington Art Gallery and had his art exhibition. 


      October 2010, "Annual Richmond Hill Studio Tour & Art Sale", Richmond Hill.


      In 2010, Xu Zhou's artwork was collected by the president of China, Hu Jintao, during the time Mr. Hu visited Canada for G20 Summit. 


      In 2011, Xu Zhou 's autobiography book named From the City Wall to the Red Wall, the Contemporary Royal Artist Autobiography, was published in Macau, and the first edition of the book was sold out in half year. 


      In 2012, "Red Classics, Xu Zhou's Touring Art Exhibitions" launched all over the cities in China.


      In 2012, Xu Zhou is the organizer and the director of "2012 In support of UNICEF Charitable Night”.


      In 2013, Zhou Xu Modern Abstract Painting Album was published by He Bei Media Press. 


      In 2013, Xu Zhou was commissioned by the Chinese Central Literature Press of starting his new project named The Endless Footstep - The Life of Xi Zhongxun (Xi Zhongxun is the father of Xi Jinping, the current General Secretary of the Communist Party and President of China). 


      In 2014, Xu Zhou received the honorable certificated from the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and China Disabled Person’s Federation. At the same time, Mr. Zhou was awarded as the Charity Ambassador for his outstanding works and contributions at 1st China Disabled Person Art Works Exhibition. 


      In 2014, Xu Zhou was invited by McKay Art Gallery Centre to have the solo exhibition at the City of Unionville, Ontario. (McKay is one of the artist members in the Group of Seven, one of the most famous artist group in Canada)


      In 2014, Zhou’s family was awarded the title of The First Family of the Intellectual scholar by China's state administration of press and publication, radio, film, and television.


      In 2015, Xu Zhou’s new art album named The Endless Footstep - The Life of Xi Zhongxun  (initiated by The Central Literature Press) was published and released in Macau, Hong Kong, and North America. 


      In 2015, Mr. Zhou’s latest art album The Endless Footstep - The Life of Xi Zhongxun was exhibited at the 70th-anniversary symposium and picture exhibition of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War, taken place at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The art album was also collected by the committee of Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of WWII in Asia. At the same time, Mr. Zhou received the certificate of Peace Medal for his outstanding dedicated contribution in protecting the truth of WWII History in Asia theatre and promoting friendship between the People of Canada and China, the award was presented by the committee of Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of WWII in Asia. 


      In 2015, for celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Canada International Vision Art Centre, Mr. Zhou, who is the chairman of the organization/company, received the honorable certificate from the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. 


     In 2017, Mr. Zhou was commissioned by Central Party Literature Press for the project - One Belt and One Road - The Silk Road of Art.

     In 2018, Mr. Zhou received Lifetime Achievement Award from Daya Prize in Literature and Culture. The prize is named as Chinese Nobel Prize.

     In 2019, Mr Zhou received Global The Most Outstanding Artist Award in Culture and Arts during the past forty Years in the Chinese History. 

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